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The K-12 Homeschool is an online kindergarten through twelfth grade home schooling program. This home schooling program is a cutting-edge solution for home school families who wish to provide their children with a quality Christian education at home. Through breakthrough online technology and a staff of dedicated educators, The K-12 Homeschool is ready to serve your home school children!

Igniting Home Schooler Hearts

We provide an enriching curriculum of over 150 Christian home school courses. Children learn through hands-on activities, interactive online learning adventures, eye-opening experiments, and exploratory research projects. We use a variety of flexible learning methods for students with all types of learning styles.

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It is our desire to nurture the hearts of home school children and cultivate their natural curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. We do this through innovative multimedia presentations that make learning fun and meaningful to the home schooler.

We also feel strongly about instilling solid Christian worldviews in each and every child’s heart. All of our subjects thoroughly reflect Biblical truth. At The K-12 Homeschool, your home schooler will receive a thoroughly authentic Christian education.

Our mission is to provide Christian home schooling families with an affordable solution for their children. The Bible commands us to “Train up” our children in the way that they should go. Unfortunately, many families find themselves so stretched financially that they feel they have no recourse but to send their kids to the public school.

Because of our member-supported K-12 Homeschool, Christian families can now provide a world-class online home schooling education to their kids, effectively training them to be strong men and women for Christ.

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