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The K-12 Homeschool is committed to providing innovative home schooling solutions for Christian families. We believe that we have been called by God to provide an outstanding quality online home schooling program. Our curriculum offers children a Christian worldview that reflects Biblical truth in every subject. We provide home school resources, optional extras and a network of home school support.

Our Promises

We promise to deliver a relevant, comprehensive home school program that will engage students with an innovative multimedia presentation that challenges the mind, ignites the heart, and enriches the spirit.

We promise to provide our school parents with a Christian program that will equip them with the spiritual tools they need to glorify God by providing their children with a world-class program.

We promise to give our home school parents the tools they need to teach their home school children through simple lesson modules and time-saving tools.

We promise to put children first in everything that we do. We believe that your home school children are gifts from God and deserved to be nurtured in the loving, safe, and quiet environment of the home.

We promise to provide an inidivualized program that allows students of all learning styles and abilities to excel, not according to an arbitrary number, but according to the inherent potential of each home school child.