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The K-12 Homeschool curriculum is comprised of electronic books, literature, CDs, videos, experimental learning activities, projects, problem based activities, and so much more.

Our proven home school program is much more deep and enriching than many online school programs. Our home school curriculum will encourage children to actively engage the learning material through a variety of interactive methods.

Vibrant Home school Curriculum

  • Hands-On Projects
  • Create or Experience Simulations
  • Build Critical Thinking Skills by Solving Problems
  • Watch Educational Videos
  • Complete Online Tests and Quizzes
  • Conduct Eye-Opening Science Experiments
  • Design Creative Artwork
  • …and much more!

Learning versus Memorizing

When your home schoolers learn at The K-12 Homeschool, they won't just be memorizing unrelated facts. They will be engaged in an experimental process that will give them a comprehensive understanding of specific subject matters. It's not about passing a test, it's about enrichment. Home school students learn best when they are engaged, when they see relevance and opportunities for application in their own lives, and when they have a stake in the outcome of their home schooling.

We believe that home school children learn best through steady, sequential learning that teaches children how to learn, problem-solve, and think critically rather than how to retain information in order to recall it for a test. Your home school children will be equipped for a lifetime of learning through our constructivist home school curriculum.

Sisters at Computer Kid with Assignment