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Support Policy and Parent/Student Requirements is pleased to offer about 150 world-class Christian K-12 grade online courses. Core curriculum courses are very inexpensive and most include materials at little or no extra cost. Optional Elective courses are also available at only a small portion of comparable pricing. Parents and students are also able to access a state-of-the-art online learning system which includes a customized student homeroom, various online features such as a gradebook, daily lesson plans and attendance logs to name a few.

Providing these goods and services at "zero" or substantially reduced cost requires that receive support in addition to traditional tuition and materials fees. Some of this support is received from corporate and non-profit sponsors who receive recognition in the form of text ads and/or messages and/or graphic art images placed in various sections of the public and private sections of which are often hyperlinked to the sponsor's website.

We are grateful to our sponsors and thankful for their continued support.

We also receive support from parents and students in addition to our shipping, handling and processing fees and discounted optional elective fees. Some of these support methods are listed below as well as the obligations parents are agreeing to for each method. Additionally please read our Criteria for Student Enrollment at the end of this section.

  1. Online Surveys: Parents and/or students will receive regular surveys when logging into this website that ask for responses about our curriculum, quality and quantity of site offerings, ideas for new offerings, and various corporate and/or non-profit goods and/or services that may be of interest to homeschooling families. Parents and/or students are required to complete these short surveys by sharing their thoughts and opinions etc. but are never required to make any purchase relating to these consumer surveys. Parents understand in advance that they will agree to receive these messages and that they should they unsubscribe from receiving these messages that their account at may be closed at our sole discretion. These surveys can be issued by and/or our corporate and/or non-profit sponsors.
  2. Monthly Donation Request: Parents are presented with a regular monthly opportunity to donate finances to support the various obligations of Our financial requirements are expected to total many millions of dollars. Parents can donate any amount they wish or they can donate nothing at all but in any case they are required to complete the monthly donation form. This will take about 60 seconds. Parents are never required to donate any money at any time.
  3. New support opportunities: New and innovative support opportunities may be offered to parents and/or students who agree to consider participation in the opportunity. Participation is never required.

This policy is subject to frequent modifications so parents should check back regularly.