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The K-12 Homeschool is an inexpensive home school program that uses primarily multimedia online curriculum materials supplied. The K-12 Homeschool was specifically designed to run smoothly on a wide range of home computers. We want all families to experience this fantastic home school program, not just those who can afford a brand new computer every few years. Our home school software is flexible and fits different levels of computer performance.

Home School Minimum Hardware Requirements

The following minimum system specifications are required to complete home school courses at The K-12 Homeschool:

  • GirlA Pentium III processor with Windows 2000 or later
  • 256MB RAM
  • 6GB hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive, monitor, keyboard and mouse
  • High-speed internet connection

We also suggest providing a printer for your child, although a printer is not an integral part of our home school program.

NOTE: We do not guarantee that Macintosh computers will be able to run our home schooling software; however, several of our customers have successfully completed our program using Macs. We suggest using the Microsoft Windows operating system to ensure compatibility.

Home Schooling with Multiple Children

You can home school several children on the same computer, as long as your children log in and out of their accounts when taking turns on the computer. Many of our families have successfully homeschooled using a single computer with multiple children. For multiple children please make sure to create a separate account for each child; this will help to keep all of the automatic record keeping (grade book, transcripts, etc.) working perfectly.