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Homeschool High School

Homeschool high school with outstanding Christian curriculum for students in PreK-12th.

Home schooling with us provides a complete calendar of daily assignments and home school lesson plans. Courses are available anytime, anywhere, 24/7 through the end of the learning year.

Our online home school curriculum is delivered through the Internet and includes a combination of online and offline components. Depending on the course it can contain resources such as:

  • EBooks (electronic books with websites, photos, quizzes)
  • Videos
  • CD-ROMs

Affordable and Easy Home schooling online with our Christ-centered curriculum draws our students closer to God.

Home schooling online using our state-of-the-art technology provides a challenging and compelling program. This proprietary system is tuned to run perfectly on modem-speed Internet connections as well as high-speed broadband lines. K-12 Home School Offers:

Home schooling students use our state of the art software to study, complete assignments, take quizzes and tests.

Multiple ChildrenLots of helpful helpers! Home schooling parents may contact other parents and staff via the Message Board. The K-12 Homeschool program is unique because of the advanced use of technology and the ability to have questions answered quickly and accurately.

The parent as teacher heads all classes and teaches all subjects, with guidance from the Message Board and the use of parent-password-protected answer keys. While many assignments are graded automatically, others are graded directly by the home school parents, enabling the parent to have control over their student's grades, while also providing daily support and guidance to ensure their student's academic progress and online home schooling success.

Our complete online learning system allows parents to more easily and completely follow any appropriate local and/or state K-12 grade homeschool requirements. Because we are a curriculum provider (and not a school) is it important to point out that our home school program is just that... a program for homeschoolers. We have chosen this direction and thus we do not award/transfer credits, issue transcripts, or award high school diplomas. All graduation/attendance requirements are mandated by your local school district and/or homeschooling laws and/or regulations.